time to climb back on the wagon…

So, today is the day that I am trying to climb back on the health wagon. 

Picked some radishes and black currants today, and planted some more vegetables.

Will hopefully start posting recipes and pictures from my return to the kitchen.


5 thoughts on “time to climb back on the wagon…

  1. so far no more SOMA truffles??
    maybe a low-fat frappe or simgle shot espresso
    what possible guilt can come with the first day after the decadence fortnight?!?

    • I’m maybe a third of the way onto the wagon- leftover challah with camembert and a frappe for breakfast, mediterranean chicken wrap and a iced coffee at McD’s on the drive home, tuna casserole and a pasteis de nata for dinner. Not exactly decadent, but not exactly healthy either! And I’m all out of Soma….you know who likes the amaretti!

  2. pasteis de nata……. must be the most surprising new discovery and was perfect – the right proportions of fine flaky crust and not oversweet custard… although apparently there is some reverse engineering activity focused on how to make a healthy or virtuous Poutine with taste and less guilt….

      • You clearly took this two steps further than the kitchen engineer. His version was oven fries, gravy would have to be a work in progress, and I can only get chedder curds here that are yellow… 😉

        The thread of [poutine] discussion is pretty scary… one could be too virtuous and end up with an equivalent of non-fat, decaf why-bother…

        I did make an effort at slimming down a stuffed mushroom test tonight – used nearly non-fat turkey bacon and quinoa … but drew the line by keeping the Parmesan in!!!

        Will let you know how the poutine experiments go!!

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