ravishing radishes?

Have a bumper crop of radishes, and I’m going to attempt a radish leaf soup or a radish leaf pesto. Or both.

Here are some links to recipes using radishes:
radish recipes from mariquita.com

radish leaf pesto from Chocolate and Zucchini


2 thoughts on “ravishing radishes?

  1. Wow! Way more ways to prepare radishes than I had in my head. I have never used the tops (leaves, fanes de radis) before – but Clotilde has given me more ideas. Did you happen to grow any of the watermelon variety? those are larger and sliced thin on a mandoline make a crisp snack – just plain or dressed with a sprinkle of salt and either lemon or vinegar. Thanks for sharing the links.

    • Tried braising the leaves to see if I liked the flavour enough to make soup or pesto. They do have a delicate flavour- not as sharp as I expected. But not sure I like them enough to go through the effort of making pesto. Will keep you posted!

      Can’t find my package of seeds right now- but the radishes I planted were longer than your standard round radish. Haven’t found any watermelon radish seeds in ON, but I haven’t really been looking. Might plant some if I find them sometime over the next few weeks!

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