leg of lamb with Dijon by Anton and herbes de Provence

Tried a new preparation for lamb, based on a recipe for lamb chops from Christine Cushing’s newest book pure food .

Combine 2 tbsp of  Kozlik’s mustard’s Dijon by Anton, 2 tbsp of Greek olive oil, and 1 tbsp of Ontario grown Herbes de Provence in a small bowl.  Spread this mixture over 1/2 leg of Ontario lamb (bone-in, roughly 2.5 lbs), covering all sides.

Roast at 375 degrees F  until done- roughly 1 h 45 minutes for medium rare for the piece of lamb I roasted. For medium rare lamb, I roast the lamb until the meat thermometer reaches 160 degrees F.

Result- Juicy, tender lamb- but the exterior of the roast was not as crispy as my standard rosemary/olive oil/garlic preparation.

Served with roasted potatoes, roasted at 375 degrees F for 1 h.


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