accidental sopa de chile verde de pollo y calabicitas

Made a variation of  Bon Appetit’s chicken chile verde last night, using my fresh-picked super hot cherry peppers, shepherd’s peppers and grape-sized tomatillos from the garden.

I decided to use  some Better than Bouillon instead of broth, and stirred a heaping tablespoon of BTB into my chile,  thinking this would be the equivalent of 2 cups of broth. Then I noticed the writing on the lid….1 tsp = 1 can of broth. To counteract the amount of bouillon in my chile, I tripled the amount of water, bringing the amount of liquid closer to 2 litres, and added one large sliced zucchini to the simmering chile.

Result: flavourful soup, but not chile verde!

Note: not sure why the recipe calls for 2 tbsp of chili powder, in addition to the significant amounts of cumin, oregano, ancho chili and garlic, which are the components of chili powder apart from salt. Might try increasing the chili, cumin, oregano and garlic in the future, and omit the chili powder.

Will attempt this recipe again, sometime soon.


One thought on “accidental sopa de chile verde de pollo y calabicitas

  1. Thanks for the inspiration – I tried the recipe with a slightly different variation – I used hominy instead of teh corn (I must be headed towards a batch of pozole a la Rick Bayless – but since most of his versions are multi-day, this was a very doable weeknight recipe). The unusual thing for me was the cinnamon – and I think since I made it a day ahead to let the flavours develop a bit mmore, the cinnamon may become more pronounced. As originally written, the result was a nice mild verde. Your peppers sound like they packed a bit more heat. I may adjust the heat upwards tomorrow – I used Anaheim and some mild-ish jalapenos (fresh), and maybe add a bit more salt since my scratch stock is not as salty as prepared stock or bouillon. I do like Better than Bouillon best as a substitute for homemade stock. Thankful for a cooler spell this week so fall recipes like this can be enjoyed.

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