how do you dress your arugula?

Seems like most arugula salad recipes call for olive oil and balsamic, olive oil and wine vinegar, or olive oil and lemon juice, sometimes with some honey, lemon juice, Dijon or sugar added.

Lately, I’ve usually been using a Cretan extra virgin olive oil and a white balsamic vinegar.

What’s your favourite dressing for arugula salad?


4 thoughts on “how do you dress your arugula?

  1. I try part walnut oil (in combination with the best olive oil I have on hand) and a bit of lemon juice and some tangerine or satsuma if it is handy.

    Also have used some more exotic nut oils – pistachio or pumpkin seed, but that isn’t as wise a use (those are fairly precious and usually reserved for where they will be a garnish, as in a few drops on a soup).

  2. Will have to give the tangerine/satsuma juice a try one of these days. I used tangelo juice in an avocado/chili/cilantro/hearts of palm/artichoke salad last week, and that turned out pretty good.

    First attempt at large artichokes last night, using Martha Stewart’s Collected Recipes for everyday that I think Aunt Ev gave us, with parsley, shallots, evoo, salt & pepper. Turned out quite well- a little al dente I guess, but they were enormous artichokes!

  3. a little bit of mild white onion, extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar , usually with goat cheese/pears/walnuts

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