Managed to fit in some delicious meals, despite visiting on a Sunday and Monday, the two days of the week when many of the finer restaurants are closed.

We dined at Ferreira Cafe on Sunday night. I love Ferreira’s version of cataplana. Tried a bite of the seafood rice, as well, which was also outstanding. Ended the meal with pasteis de nata fresh out of the oven, served with some caramel ice cream.

Monday morning, I ended up having breakfast at an  MBCO located in a downtown foodcourt, and have to say, their smoked salmon and cream cheese on a Montreal bagel, served with organic coffee, was a great way to start the day for less than $10.

Lunch was a rich mushroom veloute, followed by a salade de canard at Renoir in the Sofitel. The mushroom soup was a very large portion, and a little too heavy for me, but I loved the duck confit leg that was part of the salad, as well as the crispy bits of nougatine, which resembled maple sugar more than nougat. The promised smoked duck magret was not to be found in the salad, which was fine with me since the duck confit was a generous portion, and I don’t tend to be a fan of smoked duck.

Monday afternoon, we had a long walk up Boul. St. Laurent, and stopped at Ripples for an ice cream. Ripples makes lots of interesting flavours, such as ginger, chai or litchi, but we decided to stick with 2 classics- strawberry and pralines & cream.  Neat place, located across the street from Schwartz’s Deli.

We dined at Bice on Monday evening.  The white bean spread and  marinated mushrooms that were brought to the table as soon as we were seated were interesting, and the breads were top quality. My caprese salad had exquisite mozzarella di bufala, but the tomatoes were fairly ordinary. My mezzalune di verdure, which included artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes was a decent size for a primi.  Bice’s budino de nocciola with banana ice cream was essentially hazelnut lava cake containing molten nutella. The tiramisu was decadent- lots of mascarpone, and served in a glass, so it resembled a trifle more than a cake.


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