recipes that fight the bloat….

after almost 3 weeks of salty restaurant meals, and way too much bacon, I’m attempting to climb back on the healthy eating wagon.

Do you have any recipes you like to make when you’re trying to be virtuous?

My recipes include tabbouleh (heavy on the parsley, light on the bulgur),  cucumber salads, spinach salads and fruit salads, but I need to add more healthy recipes to the rotation.


2 thoughts on “recipes that fight the bloat….

  1. brunch/after gym breakfast:
    cooked quinoa/black bean/cheddar/veggie bacon scramble with eggs, in olive oil wrap, lightly seasoned with chile powder and tomatillo salsa

    mango/yougurt/soy/ice smoothie with good wallop of cinnamon

    fresh pluots, plums, peaches, chilled, washed & eaten out of hand

    grilled peaches, brushed with a touch of walnut or pistachio oil (stole that idea from Mark Bittman;-)

    grilled zukes/beech mushrooms/chicken breast with oregano/lemon/olive oil drizzled over, side of quinoa

    (quinoa is my preferred grain – quick and reasonably virtuous and willing to be taken in any direction, even sprinkled in a green salad with avocado)

  2. thanks eirene 😉

    Haven’t acquired a taste for quinoa, but I haven’t prepared it for a while, so I might have to give it another try. Will try some of these ideas with brown rice or kasha in the meantime.

    Not planning to be having any bacon, even if it’s bacon made out of soy beans, until next year. Reached my year’s quota over the course of one week in the Prairies!

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